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23rd November 2022

Our one day SMED Training course will explain a proven systematic approach to reducing machine set-up and change over times. Originally devised by Shigeo Shingo of Toyota Motor Company in the early 1950's, this lean technique can dramatically shorten set-up time.

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Course Overview

SMED, (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) is a systematic approach to reducing machine set-up and change over times. Originally devised by Shigeo Shingo of Toyota Motor Company in the early 1950’s, this lean technique can dramatically shorten set-up time.

Set-Up time is the elapsed time from completion of the last part of the previous job until the first part of the next job is made at normal efficiency.

One of the best visual examples of the SMED technique in action can be seen in F1 motor racing via the ‘pit stop routine’ which takes only a few seconds. In that time, new tyres are fitted, fuel refilled and the drivers' visor cleaned. Imagine what you could achieve if you could utilise the same methodology in your workplace.

A SMED simulation game is also used as part of the course to demonstrate the improvements this lean tool can make to a set up process.

This course is a must for all Production Managers, Supervisors and Engineers who utilise automated plant and machinery.

What you will learn

This course has been designed to address the key SMED principles and provide you with tools, tips and techniques to bring about systematic set up reduction in your business by:-

  • Providing a method for ‘learning to how to see’ waste within you machine areas and set-up operations
  • Highlighting non-value adding waste by mapping out the set-up/change over process
  • Helping you to differentiate between internal & external set-up time
  • Providing a range of ideas and techniques for converting internal to external set-up time
  • Showing you how to implement Set-Up Kaizens - giving you the skills to develop a sustainable SMED programme in your business

Course Content

The Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) training course covers the following topics:-

  • SMED – Introduction & Definitions
  • 8 Wastes - A review of waste in your business
  • The benefits of Introducing SMED
  • SMED - The Three Stages
  • Stage One: Data Collection - Observation & Recording
  • Using Video to record Set-Ups
  • Separation of Internal and External Set-Up time
  • Stage Two: Conversion of Internal to External Set-Up Time
  • Function Checks & Transportation
  • Next operation preparations
  • Standardisation
  • Function Standardisation
  • Direct Line Feed (DLF)
  • Standard Work
  • Cell Manufacturing
  • Stage Three: Kaizen activities to refine the process
  • Parallel Operations
  • Functional Clamps
  • Eliminating Adjustments
  • Practical Case Study -utilising actual video footage
  • SMED Leadership
  • Getting Buy-in from your team
  • Course Summary & Review

This SMED course uses practical demonstrations to re-enforce the theory.

Courses are limited to a maximum of twelve delegates. Course costs cover the training sessions, a comprehensive set of course notes, lunch and refreshments.

This is a non-residential training course. This SMED course can be delivered in-house if required. For further information, contact Aster Training on 01296 720281 for a Free Consultation to discuss your training requirements.

Costs are exclusive of VAT which is chargeable at the current rate. Prices are correct at the time of publishing, but may be varied in line with market conditions from time to time.