What is Six Sigma Certification?

Aster provides certification for its Green Belt and Black Belt Six Sigma training programmes.

Delegates completing six sigma training programmes have the option to have their competence formally recognised by completing the six sigma certification programme.

The purpose of the Aster Six Sigma certification programme is to confirm the delegate’s capabilities and competence with respect to‘deploying’ six sigma and its associated tools within their own organisations and not just in the class room. Certification indicates that a delegate has successfully applied knowledge gained in their own working environment.

How to gain Aster Six Sigma Certification?

Certification is granted by Aster by means of a competence based test and the presentation of case studies/dissertations.

Green Belt Certification

  • 1 hour of formal examination - on line or distance learning formats available
  • 1 Case Study or Dissertation

Black Belt Certification

  • 2 hours of formal examination - on line or distance learning formats available
  • 2 Case Studies or Dissertations detailing where the candidate has led projects

The examination regime requires a delegate to successful pass a formal examination. This can be carried out either on line or in a distance learning format. The delegate must receive a pass mark of 75% or above to move on to the next stage of the certification process.

Candidates sitting the examination must pay a fixed fee which is non-refundable irrespective of whether the delegates passes the examination or not.

Following a successful test result, one dissertation or case study must be submitted to Aster for assessment for Green Belt Certification and two dissertations or case studies must be submitted for Black Belt certification. 

In both cases the delegate must produce written evidence in the case study/dissertation that they have either taken an active part in a six sigma project (green belt)  or actively lead a project or activity (Black Belt) which has proven beneficial to their business or organisation.

Costs for the six sigma certification programme are available upon request.