I once read a statistic that stated it was 32 times easier to win business from an existing customer than it is to win business from a new customer. If this is anywhere near right it means we need to focus efforts on attracting more business from the organisations who are already aware of us.

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Negotiation can be fun!

Articles  |  20 Mar 2017 10:14:32

Does negotiating fill you with dread?

Negotiation can make some people feel very uncomfortable. However, like any business activity, negotiation outcomes can be improved by understanding the 'process'. Successful negotiation is simply a matter of breaking the activity down into process steps, analysing each, formulating a plan and then executing it well.

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Learn how to map your value streams

Articles  |  11 Feb 2017 17:26:28

One of the most important lean technical skills a manager can learn is how to map a value stream.

A Value Stream can be defined as all actions (both value added and non-value added) required to bring a product or service through the main process steps.

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KPIs drive behaviour

Articles  |  5 Jan 2017 17:53:01

KPIs drive behaviour – choose wisely.

One of the most important considerations when setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business is to ensure you select the right ones in order to drive the right behaviour whilst at the same time satisfying corporate objectives.

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One of the most intuitive anecdotes we have come across in our years involved in the training sector is "What happens if we spend money training our staff and they leave".

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Open versus On-site Training

Articles  |  4 Sep 2016 15:33:03

We have prepared a useful short comparison guide to help you select whether open or on-site training is the most appropriate form of training delivery for your business.

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What is Training Needs Analysis?

Articles  |  5 Aug 2016 10:10:21

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is the process used to identify skill gaps in employee training, departments and organisations.

Effective TNA enables a balanced and effective training programme to be developed which addresses the needs of the employee whilst at the same time produces maximum benefit and return for the department and organisation as a whole. In addition, TNA enables organisations to ensure resources are directed at the areas where they will contribute the most to employee development and staff morale whilst maximising overall organisational performance.

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Great Feedback from latest courses

Articles  |  2 Apr 2016 16:06:26

  • Aster received some very positive feedback from the training courses delivered in March 2016.

The first course was our Kaizen course aimed at delegates looking to implement a continuous improvement culture to their business. Feedback received folowing the course included:-

  • "Very concise and 'user friendly' introduction to basic principles. Excellent guide to getting started", Paul Harrison , Scheuco.
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Yellow Belt Six Sigma

Articles  |  11 Mar 2016 18:04:24

Latest delegates to complete the Aster Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course. Thermoseal, the insulated glass components manufacturer recently put a number of their staff through the Yellow Belt course.

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Merry Christmas!

Articles  |  18 Dec 2015 16:20:19

Everyone at Aster Training would like to wish all of our clients and their delegates a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Thank you for your continued support in 2015 and we hope we can work together again in the new year.

We have met some very talented people over the past 12 months who we we would like to wish well in their careers. Hopefully we have helped along the way by introducing some new ideas, concepts and best practice.

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