I once read a statistic that stated it was 32 times easier to win business from an existing customer than it is to win business from a new customer. If this is anywhere near right it means we need to focus efforts on attracting more business from the organisations who are already aware of us, our capabilities, customer service levels etc.

So who are the best people to help us achieve these increased sales, your Internal Sales staff.

It is imperative that your Internal Sales staff are trained to be proactive rather than just reactive when taking and responding to orders. We need to give then the skills to upsell and cross sell to ensure they maximise every order. Our one day Internal Sales training course has been designed to teach these skills in a structured manner so that your internal sales staff will not only have the technical skills but the confidence to apply them in their everyday role.

For further information, visit out bespoke web page. www.aster-training.co.uk/internal-sales.html

Paul Wilson, Director of Aster Training