Lean Business Training Course

Lean Business Training Course


Next available course date:

24th January 2023

A one day lean business training course designed to give middle/senior executives an appreciation of how to apply lean concepts throughout an organisation. In particular this course is suitable for those involved with product or service design, IT, Purchasing, Sales & Marketing, Planning, Finance and General Management.

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A one day lean business training course designed to give middle/senior executives an appreciation of the benefits the introduction of a lean philosophy can bring to an organisation. In particular, this course is suitable for those people involved in general management, functional management and talent management.

Why introduce Lean to your Business?

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – repeat business
  • Reduced Waste – shorter lead times, lower costs
  • Improved Profitability and utilisation of resources
  • Improved Process Control – right first time
  • Company Wide Team Work - breaking down functional barriers

What you will learn

At the conclusion of the lean business course each delegate will have: -

  • The ability to recognise ‘waste’ and non-value added activities throughout their organisation
  • An understanding of how to generate diagnostic value stream maps of their own processes
  • An understanding of where to start when rolling out a lean programme
  • An appreciation of the soft skills required to sustain a lean implementation

Course Content

  • Introduction to Lean – What is lean?
  • What benefits can we realistically expect from a company-wide lean programme?
  • 7 Wastes
  • 5S
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean Implementation including:-
  • How to bring about a lean environment by effective communication
  • The importance of Management by Wandering Around (MBWA)
  • How to break down functional barriers and ‘silo’ management structures 
  • Managing objections and practising 'respectful' management
  • Getting the ‘cynics’ on board the programme
  • Knowing where to start

This is a non-residential training course. This course can be delivered in-house if required.

For further information contact Aster Training on 01296 720281 for a Free Consultation to discuss your training requirements. Cost is exclusive of VAT, which is chargeable at the current rate. Prices are correct at the time of publishing, but may be varied in line with market conditions from time to time.